here’s the thing: NCIS writers, directors and everyone else in the world know the mere mention of ziva will induce panic and probably increase ratings even marginally

don’t get your hopes up for positive (pro-ziva) material anytime soon

it’s just a ploy

Ha, there wasn’t a damn thing positive about what Abby said. Why should the pro-Ziva watch Abby basically tell Tony to move on????


NCIS: Where female characters get sacrificed for the emotional growth of the male characters

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do you ever feel like you’re in an abusive relationship with a television show, like they keep abusing you and you keep coming back to your abuser like they’re somehow going to change, and when they don’t, you’re surprised again

“I think a really important thing is to like yourself. I think it’s really easy nowadays to look at these people that are very famous on TV and to want to be like them. I think the most important thing for anyone is really to have a passion. And a real passion, not just for example, I would be rich and famous for no reason. I think if you have a passion, you will most likely be very happy. Whether that passion is selling flowers, or writing, or being an engineer, whatever that passion is, I think it’s important to cultivate it and to make that person inside of you happy. Because I think that’s real happiness at the end of the day.”
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Impromptu dancing in the rain

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No, but I really do love it when Shane Brennan gives a big "Haha, fuck you" to NCIS in regards to how Tony/Ziva was handled:

"We’re not scared of exploring it. In terms of the Kensi/Deeks relationship we’re not going to do a DiNozzo/Ziva [from NCIS]. We’re not going to do that. We’re going to explore the relationship to its fullest." [x].

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Michael grocery shopping yesterday (10/16/14)

michael + wine, nutella, and bread .. yes please come here.


I like to think of myself as a pretty reasonable person and I think I’m pretty good at being somewhat objective when I discuss my shows and their developments. And I generally do not complain or get too negative on here, I like to keep things positive/delusional because that’s the kind of blog I like to have and it’s also the kind of interaction I like to have with others. 

But I did watch the first sneak peek for this week’s ep and it has really pushed my buttons. I will offload under the read more so that a) people who don’t want to be spoiled can avoid it and b) people who don’t want to see/hear a bit of negativity can avoid it. I started writing this before and then deleted it but no, I feel like I need to so yep, I will.

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